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Given the climate, heaters are often on for a long period of time. While keeping us warm, this dries the air in our homes, causing sofas to dry and leather to crack. It is important to keep leather furniture treated. The method we use is first to clean with a leather shampoo, then a conditioner is applied to protect and seal the leather, followed by a treatment. This is not a colour dye or colour enhancement treatment, though your colour might change slightly, rather a leather cleaning treatment.


Most sofas can be professionally cleaned. We are a professional sofa cleaner registered with the NCCA, covering both carpet and upholstery. We can quote over the phone to clean a sofa. Should we arrive on site and assess that your sofa cannot be cleaned, we will inform you.
We use hot water extraction to clean sofas and do a spot test on a concealed part of the sofa, to ensure that there will be no colour or dye run during the cleaning process. We follow the seven-step cleaning process: we inspect the sofa, vacuum, treat it with a pre-spray that acts as a sanitiser, agitate with a soft gentle brush, then use the hot water extraction method.

It is best that the sofa is left overnight to dry. We advise clients to leave a fan on to help the drying process. We also apply a deodoriser, leaving your sofa smelling fresh and rejuvenated.

We recommend adding Upholstery Protect (Scotchgard) to all fabric sofas we have cleaned, which protects upholstery, keeping it cleaner and stain-free longer, enhancing longevity and protecting against abrasion. It is important that when a spill occurs, it is dabbed up immediately to prevent seeping into fibres. Applying a fluorocarbon protector forms an invisible barrier, temporarily protecting against spillages such as wine, juice, oil, and cosmetics. This is also useful when you have little ones and pets around, for unexpected spillages and mess, giving you a chance to grab a cloth or paper towel before these soak into the furniture or carpet. Applying the protector is a very quick procedure, however carpets will take a little longer to dry. The protection gives you peace of mind lasting 18-24 months.

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